Healthy Lifestyle Workshop (4th October 2016)


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What a super day!

Which fruits did you enjoy?

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What was your favourite fruit?

My favourite fruit is strawberries.
What was your favourite fruit Miss Marks?

I enjoyed the tasty raspberries. Yummy!

Blueberries are my favourite fruit

Water melon is my favourite fruit

I loved eating the raspberries and I’ve made my own healthy fruit salads at home since we did this fun activity!

What a great idea, Darcie. Well done!

1+9=10 so 10+90=100 and 100-10=90
2+8=10 so 20+80=100 and 100-20=80
3+7=10 so 30+70=100 and 100-30=70
4+6=10 so 40+60=100 and 100-40=60
5+5=10 so 50+50=100 and 100-50=50
6+4=10 so 60+40=100 and 100-60=40
7+3=10 so 70+30=100 and 100-70=30
8+2=10 so 80+20=100 and 100-80=20
9+1=10 so 90+10=100 and 100-90=10
100+0=100 so100-0=100

My favourite fruit was the juice strawberrys.What was your favourite fruit?

My favourite fruit was everything.

My favourite fruits are strawberries and watermelon.

I liked strawberries and blueberries.

What is your favourite vegetable? Mine is carrots.

I like blueberries and bananas and chopped apple. They are very healthy for your life.

what is your favourite fruit mine is apple.

My favourite fruit was water melon and it was yummy

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