Science Day – 17.3.2016


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Butterflies had a fantastic Science Day, we all thoroughly enjoyed the assembly with Atomic Tom!

The rest of the day was fun, interesting and a little bit messy!

Butterflies, can you share something that you learnt on Science Day this year? Comment below this post.


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I really liked making the challah bread with you and the
rest of the class.

Which flavour was the tastiest?

It was really fun making the hallah bread although it was a bit messy!

What did we have to add to make the dough less sticky?

I learnt that magicians keep secrets and scientists don’t. I enjoyed making the bread with yeast and with no yeast. The bread with yeast rose and the bread with no yeast didn’t rise and the one with yeast changed colour but the one with no yeast stayed the same colour.

What did your brush on the top that made the bread look glossy (shiny)?

I had a great day and learnt lots. The best part was the science assembly. I loved it when Atomic Tom showed the hover boards. I learnt that the bread with no yeast didn’t rise when I thought it would. This means that you have to put yeast in bread for it to rise.

Did you expect the hover boards to lift up?

No, I didn’t think they would lift up and was awesome

I enjoyed making the bread. I thought that the best one was the cheese.

Was it nice?

Did the bread with mango. Which tasted the best?

The last comment was supposed to say – did the bread with mango work? Which bread tasted the best?

I learnt how to make challah bread and I liked drawing and writing the equipment and ingredients and drawing pictures of the ingredients and equipment.

Did the bread without the yeast, do what you expected?

The challah bread tasted really nice.

My favourite bread was the yeast and chocolate chips.

I liked the chocolate chip bread the best.

I loved the chocolate chip bread.

it was silly but fun

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