Shared ERIC time


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Everybody Reading In Class

A great afternoon to spend some time reading with some of our grown ups!

Shared ERIC

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It was nice to have the grown ups in!

I Agree grace I like it to grace.

I loved to do the reading even though my mummy and daddy are not able to come to read with me

very nice so quite

So did I lana I like reading with my friends while my mummy and daddy were not here.

yes I agree.

I loved reading with Taylor’s mummy and sharing a book with Eligh and Mosato.Did you like shared Erik time?

I did like shared Erick time Tom.

I loved it when the grown ups came in

My mom and dad weren’t here but I like reading with
Mrs Bailey.

These are some of the ones we saw. Humpty dumpy,
Jack and Jill, Mrs Muffin,London Bridge is falling down.

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