George’s Marvellous Medicine


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What a great start to our topic ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures!’.We received a letter from George asking us to help him make some medicine for Grandma Kranky so we had to find all of the ingredients from around the classroom to help George. We learnt about following a recipe, using imperative (bossy) verbs and the safety implications of medicines. After lots of stirring, pouring and mixing we had created the medicine! Super team work from us all!

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it looked real and horrible

The medicine for Grandma cranky looked very marvellous!

I think we should do it again!

I understand you don’t like the medicine but I do.

What a messy day it was when I put my hands in the face cream. It was yucky…!

what sticky marvellous medicine day

The medicine was really,really yucky my favourite thing’s were the brown paint and the other one is the
shoe polish .

The medicine was so,so horrible, yucky and Dscusting .
My favourite bit was when we put in all of the ingredients.

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