Term 3 – Turrets, Tunnels and Towers


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What a busy term we have had! What has been your favourite part of this term?

What have you learnt? What do you feel you have improved on?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Miss Marks

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Hello, I learned that you never give out your personal details or you never play games with people you don’t know and if they ask you something you never comment. If you write down a comment on Facebook or twitter if you think it is silly you don’t post it and if you get a really rude and nasty comment from somebody else you ignore and delete it. If they still keep on doing it you can block them or report them to Facebook if you think it is very bad.

I like term almost the end but very fun.

I found out that there are windows in a castle and they are called arrowslits which are used for people to shoot arrows through to defend the castle and stops them from getting hit themselves as the windows are very narrow.

I have liked maths the best this term

I loved seeing the castles in the UK

Why should you never give your personal details on
line to someone who you don’t know.

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